F(X): VICTORIA attracts attention with a kiss

VICTORIA, a former member of girl group F(X), attracts attention with her kiss with Wang Xiao Wen.

Chinese actress Wang Xiao Wen posted a photo of herself kissing VICTORIA on Weibo on July 25th.

Wang Xiao Wen mentioned VICTORIA and said, “The most perfect woman in my eyes. A beautiful person who is kind, lovable and does their best. Thank you for being with me and taking care of me for a day.

In the photo, VICTORIA is cutting the cake for Wang Xiao Wen’s birthday, with her. The two young women kissed, creating a surprise among Internet users.

VICTORIA looked at the message and posted “Happy Birthday” and a cake with a heart-shaped emoticon.

The photos of the kiss of the two women spread with a flurry of rumors.

In this regard, a Chinese media outlet said, VICTORIA and Wang Xiao Wen are currently filming the drama ‘Dear life‘ together,” adding that this shot was from a birthday party at the drama’s filming site. .

VICTORIA debuted as an F(X) member in 2009, and her exclusive contract with SM expired in 2019.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Wang Xiao Wen

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