XIAOJUN (肖俊): The voice of WAYV

XIAOJUN is the third member of the 2018 SM ROOKIES project, a typical project of the SM ENTERTAINMENT agency. He was featured with HENDERY and YANGYANG, and is introducing himself today as a member of WAYV, and NCT. He is one of the Chinese members of the group and comes from Guangzhou City, China, and was born on August 8th, 1999. He was educated in Shanghai City, in the City Public University titled “Shanghai Theater Academy ”.

He started showing off publicly, wanting to show his voice on stage on “Xfire(燃燒 吧 少年 (Zhejiang TV)) at the age of 16. During this show, in addition to making us discover his voice, he was able to show us his role play on stage, in order to assert himself even more on it. He also testified that from then on he worked very hard and hard in order to always be able to improve.

Here are some videos from the show that we can see the artist in before his agency debut:

舒淇战队《黑色幽默》 感动献唱最后一曲】 《燃烧吧少年》第一季 20151205 花絮【浙江卫视官方超清】

燃烧吧少年》第3期精彩花絮 舒淇训练代云帆肖德俊情绪崩溃 现场摔台本甩脸色 20151205【浙江卫视官方超清1080P】李宇春Chris Lee、舒淇Hsu Chi

XIAOJUN is the WAYV member that fans can always count on for sublime vocals performances. The member has a unique and strong voice, which “bewitches” fans around the world. Besides, his favorite city being Paris, French fans would all be delighted and happy to have him and be able to hear his voice for real, on a stage in the city.

He started in 2018 as SM ROOKIES, then was able to make its official debut in January 2019, being integrated into the WAYV sub-unit, under the agency SM ENTERTAINMENT and LABEL V, and WAYV being the Chinese unit of NCT. He debuted with this unit, with its mini-album “TAKE OFF“, and is now officially part of the group NCT, since 2020, with the project NCT 2020 and the two-part album “RESONANCE“.

NCT U 엔시티 유 – Make a wish (Birthday Song)                NCT 2020 엔시티 2020 – Resonance

XIAOJUN can play several musical instruments, such as guitar, drums, piano or ukulele. Members describe him as an avid gamer, computer or otherwise. He is also described as an optimistic person, and furthermore we can see that he is often quite energetic, but perhaps a little less compared to YANGYANG or HENDERY.

He also showed his calming and gentle side during his episode with KUN (frontman of WAYV) for the group’s show that aired in April 2019, “RAINBOW V” (the show consisted of members forming teams, in order to to present a unique performance specific to their respective talents on video).


Despite all this, the fact that XIAOJUN is an impressive member both vocally and visually in the eyes of the fans, we still have a lot to discover about him, and a lot to see in his next activities as a member of the group, or even as a member of the group as a promising future solo artist.

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS WAYV

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