Tuesday, October 3, 2023

CL: Her new title “spicy”

CL’s new song “Spicy” was released at 6pm today.

Spicy” is a song that opens the door to CL’s debut solo album “ALPHA” and captures CL’s fierce charisma, as you can sense in the title.

After “The baddest female” and “Hello Bitches“, this new title should be a new symbol of the character CL.

“Spicy,” which appeared on TikTok for about 30 seconds on August 23, is already talking about her, leaving a strong impression on fans who love CL’s powerful charisma.

“Spicy” added a unique color with Baauer, a world-renowned producer who collaborated with the artist via + POST UP +, which captured the story of CL’s fresh start last year, and Soko Domo, who made strong impression in “High School Rapper 3“.

CL has also prepared strong stage performances through “Spicy”, and will perform her new title through music programs after a long period of absence.

CL’s new song “Spicy” was released on music sites around the world at 6pm today, and “#SPICYCHALLENGE” will be launched via “TikTok”.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : SNS CL

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