LEE WOO: A new ballad with a lot of emotions

Goodbye song master LEE WOO has released the music video for his new song “너는 왜 나를 (Why)“.

Next-gen ballad singer LEE WOO released the music video for his 15th track “Why” at 6pm on September 9th. LEE WOO, who has shown various farewell ballads and wowed listeners, will color this fall with his unique emotional ballad.

The posted video doesn’t come in the form of an ordinary MV, but is reminiscent of a drama, and it grabs attention by providing fun to listen to and watch with an approximately 13 minute long storyline.

Which raises questions about the new song by recalling misunderstandings and feelings anyone who has been through the experience would have felt, such as scenes where men and women in school uniforms have a happy time and delicately express complex emotional changes. with their eyes and facial expressions, in the rain.

Actor Hwang Jung Ha, who is widely known as his best friend, appeared and began to support him, adding warmth to his strong friendship through KBS2’s “The Unit”.

LEE WOO‘s new song “Why” is a ballad that realistically writes the signs of separation and cold emotions that can be felt without having to say anything before joining the military.

LEE WOO‘s new song, “Why” was released on various music sites at 6pm on September 9th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: 1TheK / KH Company

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