LEE YOON OH: The talented artist is back

“Genius Musician” LEE YOON OH, who has been noticed by masters of the music and performing arts world, will return with a new song.


LEE YOON OH‘s agency SPEEKER announced the comeback by posting a poster for its new single “LULLABY” on its official Instagram on November 23rd.

The poster released that day shows LEE YOON OH leaning against a red mailbox and staring into space. The color and direction which convey a sense of loneliness, strangeness and warmth at the same time raise questions about the meaning of the name of the single “Letter: Dear me and my friends” and the title song “Lullaby”.

Lullaby (Feat. Jeon Je-deok)“, to be released five months after the release of “Voyage” in June, is a folk song featuring the unique voice of LEE YOON OH and the harmonica performance of Jeon Je-deok, being title track from single album “Letter: Dear me and my friends.

LEE YOON OH made his official debut in 2018 with his first single “나의”, and since then he has been loved not only in Korea but also in the United States and Taiwan by releasing “가득차”,사랑을 주세요” and “Travel” In particular, he drew attention for his collaboration with prominent legends in national pop culture and the arts world, including Jung Gu-ho, representative art director of Korea, and Kwak Yoon-chan , the first Korean blue note musician. In this new song, a collaboration with harmonica player Jeon Je-deok, Korea’s first honorary artist and winner of the Korean Popular Music Awards, is also expected, raising high expectations.

LEE YOON OH‘s new single “Letter: Dear me and my friends” will be released simultaneously on various national online music sites such as Melon and Genie Music, as well as Spotify, Tydal and Apple Music on November 28 at noon.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Speeker

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