VAV: ST. VAN an asset for Trotting

ST VAN (Lee Geum-Hyuk), a member of boy group VAV, will captivate fans around the world with “Hello Trot“.


ST. VAN first appeared on MBN’s “Hello Trot,” which aired at 9:40 pm on November 16th, and made a strong impression with his voice and beautiful visuals.

ST. VAN, who took the stage as an active member of VAV, provided clear vocal skills and a cool high-pitched tone as he is the lead vocalist of the group, and made a strong impression by proving the potential of K-pop idols.

ST. VAN, who captivated not only five directors but also home theaters with his tall stature and warm appearance, spotted head coach Kim Soo-hee and won his ticket to the final with solid skills. Fans all over the world pay great attention to the trot and especially to ST. VAN from VAV, which has already taken the Korean wave overseas, and so there are high expectations for the scene he will show in the future.


VAV, which debuted in the music industry in 2015, consists of a total of seven people, including AYNO, ACE, BARON, LOU, ZIU, JACOB and ST. VAN, and received great love from fans all over the world for his various album concepts and performances.

Currently, members BARON, ACE, LOU and ZIU are serving in the military, and on October 31st, VAV released a digital single “Missing you” for fans to mark the sixth anniversary of their debut.

While expectations are high for the performance of ST.VAN, who challenged himself in “Hello Trot” to promote the globalization of Trotting as an idol, ST. VAN is expected to provide a variety of charms as well as additional growth through “Hello Trot”.

“Hello Trot” is a new concept of global scope to bring Korean Trotting to the international level and to discover and encourage trotting singers representing Korea. The show airs every Tuesday at 9:40 p.m. on MBN.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: ATEAM Entertainment

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