Friday, September 29, 2023

BANDAGE : Their christmas gift

BANDAGE planned a nice present for its fans during these end year celebrations, and announced its first online concert.


To say goodbye to 2021 happily, what could be better than enjoying the online concert of IST entertainment‘s band ? This concert is available for fans living outside of Korea and will take place on December 25th at 7PM KST. The price for the show is 30.000 wons, and because of some restrictions, the live will not be on replay. It will be an unique show where there will be no subtitles, as everything will be in live.

Get your tickets now on waterpakrs’ website :

During this online concert, you will be able to spend some time with CHANSOL, KYOUNGYOON, HYUNBIN and HYEONGBIN who will make you listen to their older songs and newest ones, as well as some unreleased covers : Are you looking forward to spend December 25th with the band ?

See you on december 25th !

Journalist: Solenne
Translator : Solenne

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