Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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NU’EST: A voluntary self-quarantine

REN, a member of the NU’EST group, chose voluntary quarantine for security reasons, even though he tested negative for COVID-19.

Pledis Entertainment said on fan community Weverse on February 16th,

“As it was confirmed that REN had been in contact with a patient confirmed positive for COVID-19 on December 14, he was immediately tested, the result was negative yesterday.”

Fortunately, there has been no contact between REN and the other NU’EST members since the afternoon of December 14th.

Pledis Entertainment said, “All of NU’EST members completed the second round of COVID-19 vaccination early last month. As a result, even if they are in contact with a confirmed patient, there are no restrictions. on outpatient activities if the PCR test results are negative. In addition, REN currently has no suspicious symptoms of infection such as fever or respiratory disease.

Nevertheless, REN has voluntarily quarantined himself since the 15th in consideration of the health and safety of those around him, and will also undergo an additional PCR test according to the measures of the public health center.

As a result, REN will not attend the KBS Song Festival 2021 scheduled for December 17th. NU’EST will take the stage with a four-member system. REN’s resumption date will be announced later.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pledis Entertainment

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