FROMIS_9: Last weekend before the comeback

The FROMIS_9 group showed nine different charms.

FROMIS_9 has released the first teaser for their upcoming MV, for the title track “DM” from their fourth mini album “MIDNIGHT GUEST,” which is set to be released on January 17th at midnight today.

The posted video caught attention when JANG GYURI appeared at the window with a bouquet of flowers. FROMIS_9 then showed off its splendid visuals by staring straight into the video lens or walking through the streets at dawn in a space full of charms.

In particular, with part of the title track’s melody, the lyrics “I love you / my heart I want you” were combined to enhance immersion. In the scene where the beautiful style of pure white stands out, FROMIS_9‘s surprised look when the pin light shines added curiosity about the hidden message in the newsletter.

At the end of the video, LEE SEO YEON closed the diary, and at the same time, the title logo “DM” and the phrase “2022.01.17 6PM”, raised expectations for this comeback, which did not is only two days away.

FROMIS_9‘s fourth mini album “MIDNIGHT GUEST” is an album that gives excitement to those who have a boring night. The title track “DM” is a pop genre song that features a sentimental chord progression and a funky bass line, where you can feel FROMIS_9‘s beautiful sensibility.

The enthusiastic responses from domestic and overseas fans also continue. Not only did the 4th mini-album surpass 120,000 pre-orders in 2 weeks, more than triple the initial sales of its previous “9 WAY TICKET” (37,000), but it also achieved its best record in 2022 by the platform. American music streaming company TIDAL (K-Pop: Artist To 22).

In the meantime, FROMIS_9 will hold a media showcase to commemorate the release of their fourth mini album “MIDNIGHT GUEST” at 4 p.m. on January 17. At 19 ‘o clock. on the same day, a fan showcase will be held online and offline to meet fans from all over the world.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pledis Entertainment

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