KINDA BLUE: A new atmosphere, like a suite

New singer KINDA BLUE has released a music video teaser for his new song and announced the upcoming release.


KINDA BLUE released a music video teaser for the digital single “COLOR” on his official SNS on January 14, teasing deeper winter sensibility.

The released video shows a man and a woman going on a trip after separating. As rookie actors Lim Young-joon and Shin Shin-joon have to perform some acting as a couple, the two’s blank facial expressions create a feeling of melancholy.

Above all, in the video we find the sea again. It is the same place as that of the clip of the digital single “I can’t make you love me“, where KINDA BLUE worked with Hwasa from Mamamoo. This is highlighted in the same space and in a different atmosphere. It predicts the unique story of KINDA BLUE, adding even more expectations.

KINDA BLUE will be releasing his digital single “COLOR” on January 16. This song is inspired by “Color”, one of the ways to express love, and it turns out that the bright color eventually fades when parting. It was made with KINDA BLUE‘s own sensitivity.

In addition, the new song “Color” is expected to create the best synergy by featuring rookie artist Moon Soo-jin, who made a strong impression on the show “Super Band 2” and her soulful voice, with the unique groove by KINDA BLUE.

KINDA BLUE’s new song “Color” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on January 16.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: NINE21

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