KARD: BM returns with a new project

BM of co-ed group KARD, released a unique poster of the project and announced the comeback.


BM released a poster for his project single “LOST IN EUPHORIA” via his official Instagram account at 6 p.m. on January 14th.

BM’s unique project album comes about six months after digital triple single “THE FIRST STATEMENT” released in July last year, with expectations high for the musical abilities it will show.

The posted photo shows BM looking down into an enclosed space. Its attractive ambience, in which it seems to get lost, immediately catches the eye. Moreover, his musical agony is seen in a sober and deep mood. In particular, the photo of BM troubled in a precarious atmosphere touches and highlights the master of the album “LOST IN EUPHORIA” and stimulates strong curiosity.

In particular, BM’s project single “LOST IN EUPHORIA” attracts attention because it is produced based on a partnership between BM’s agency, DSP Media, 8PEX COMPANY and altm Group, unlike the general production process discs.

8PEXCOMPANY is a global music and content production house that collaborates with many artists such as Sung Si-kyung, Twice, Ailee, Day6 and Got7. 8PEXCOMPANY showed off special abilities by leading the production process using XR technology in the English version of “Broken me,” the song for BM’s first solo single.

altm Group provides global management agency services through the entry of domestic and foreign artists and entertainment agencies in South Korea and foreign countries, systematic analysis and creative ideas. She also specializes in music and fashion and collaborates with local partners on various new projects for the development of entertainment agencies and artists.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: 8PEXCOMPANY, altm Group

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