TEMPEST: A new cover with still power

TEMPEST, a new seven-member group, has revealed an appearance as new “cover master.”

TEMPEST released a performance cover video “Beta watch yo self“, choreographed by KINJAZ, on its official SNS on the afternoon of January 14.

TEMPEST, in the posted video, displayed a natural and relaxed vibe with a hoodie style. TEMPEST exuded intense energy as she showed colorful, tempered choreography and skillful control of its movements with strength and weakness.

Moreover, the seven members not only performed decent live performances despite constantly changing movements, but also showed relaxed facial expressions, adding to the fun of watching them.

TEMPEST, which will be newly introduced by Yuehua Entertainment about three years after Everglow, designates a group that will sweep the K-pop industry with brilliant energy and powerful performances with a group name that means “strong storm.”

With that, TEMPEST reveals their new title of “cover master” having released cover videos “Kick it” of NCT 127, “Smooth criminal” of Michael Jackson and performance “Hit” of Seventeen before their first promotion.

TEMPEST, which will create a new sensation in the music industry by bringing together seven different energies, will continue its debut preparation through more diversified contents.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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