Monday, December 4, 2023
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BTS: Three new records added to the Guinness World Record

Three new records are added to the Guinness World Record for the year 2022 for the benefit of the group BTS.

BTS, group of BIG HIT MUSIC, has stood out for several years by succeeding in reaching various records. This beginning of the year 2022 is no exception to the rule.

Indeed, Guinness World Record announced that during the month of February, BTS managed to break three new records. The three records relate to the group’s social networks on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. For each of the social media platforms cited, BTS got the record for the account with the most followers.

Thus, the BTS Twitter group has more than 44 million subscribers, the Instagram account for its part displays more than 60 million subscribers while the Tiktok account is followed by more than 46 million people. A first for a music group.

Will BTS get any more records this year? This promising start to the year leads us to think so.

Journalist: Omérine
Translator: Shawn
Sources: SNS Guinness World Record

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