NEW BOYS GROUP: The “little brothers” of LOONA will debut next year

Block Berry Creative, the agency of singer SUNYE and group LOONA, will launch a new boy group in 2023.

BlockBerry Creative announced a full-fledged debut on March 15, releasing a poster for the global audition project “Boy of the Month“, recruiting new members for a boy group that will debut in 2023 on its official SNS.

In the released image, a clear imprint on the “sea of ​​silence” on the surface of the moon, the first human to walk on it, catches the eye. This suggests that a new story with boys who will be the main character of the project will begin.

In particular, the phrase “Looking for a boy to share a great journey on the sea of ​​silence” is specified, signaling the selection of members through auditions, raising expectations for the birth of a group of mega rookies.

BlockBerry Creative is expected to recruit contestants with both musicality and charm through the global audition project and accelerate the boy group’s preparations with the aim of debuting in 2023.

Earlier, BlockBerry Creative caused a stir in the music industry by successfully launching girl group LOONA in 2018 with an unconventional and fresh debut project that sequentially leaked a member every month.

Additionally, LOONA has a unique worldview and excellent musicality, as well as a strong fandom at home and abroad with various promotions, cementing their position as a “fourth generation girl group” by breaking their own records.

Also, recently, SUNYE, who has shown various charms and excellent musical skills through various activities in tvN’s Wonder Girls and “Mom is an Idol”, was recruited.

Attention is focused on the new boy group and global audition project “이달의 소년 Boy of the Month“, which will be recently presented by BlockBerry Creative, which leads the innovation of global entertainment and K-pop with trendy ideas and high-quality platforms.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Blockberry Creative

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