Friday, September 29, 2023

MONSTA X: KIHYUN made his solo debut

MONSTA X‘s KIHYUN has made a splendid debut as a solo artist.


KIHYUN released his first single “VOYAGER” on March 15, appeared on Naver NOW, “#OUT NOW” and performed his first performance.

On this day, KIHYUN communicated with her fans with confidence and shared her first solo debut. First, regarding the release of my solo album after seven years, he explained the reason for his solo debut saying:

“As soon as I heard the demo of “VOYAGER”, I was eager to welcome you with music that could show the best of me.”

He also revealed the story behind the writing of the second track, “Comma.”It’s my first solo album, so I was greedy because I wanted to have my hands on this one. I didn’t dare to write it because it was difficult, but I worked hard with the helps members of Brother Su and MONSTA X.” Additionally, he expressed his confidence by sharing snippets such as “I want to breathe for a while/Be a little island in my heart” and “In a boring sentence/Be a little point to rest.


“It’s new to present my album which is completely filled with my voice. It’s embarrassing, but I’m very excited and happy”,

he said honestly.

KIHYUN then unveiled the live performance of title track “Voyager” and song “Rain” for the first time. Standing in front of the stand mic, KIHYUN transformed into a singer with a rock band sound, showing off his cool live performance with no regrets, arousing admiration.


Fans who watched KIHYUN’s live said, “KIHYUN’s trust is our trust. KIHYUN, who makes me proud as a fan, sent loving messages such as, “Kihyun’s solo album in spring good” and “Thanks for singing“.

Since then, KIHYUN has presented the album and communicated with fans in a friendly way. Finally, “If you want to listen to a song that I like and can do well, I hope you will listen to the songs from my solo album and the group MONSTA X.

Through “Late Night Idol,” which aired one after another, KIHYUN delivered a variety of behind-the-scenes stories on “VOYAGER” with host I.M, heralding the emergence of a super rookie singer special and successfully celebrating his debut with the fans.


KIHYUN, who has successfully completed his first initiation ceremony as a solo artist, will begin his full-fledged musical activities with his debut single “VOYAGER.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Starship Entertainment

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