KISU: A moment of friendship in his new vlog

Singer KISU takes us for a drive.

It’s been a while since the singer went for a walk and in episode 3 of his vlog “Allabout”, which he titled “A trip with you“, KISU takes us in his car to go to go for a walk.

But first of all, it’s impossible to take a car ride without… “a coffee” otherwise he wouldn’t be a good Korean.

After having made a small turn and recovered a friend, while proposing to you to go to visit the tower of Namsan, KISU finds us on an emergency airstrip to hum. A moment appreciated, because he shares this huge and vast stage with his friend, him on vocals and this one on guitar.

At the end of his vlog KISU will admit to us that his friend is a little depressed at the moment and that he thinks he has done him good with this outing.

Don’t forget that KISU will be on tour in Europe after the summer, you can already book your tickets and in the meantime listen again to his latest title “Will be fine“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube KISU

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