GOT7: A return in May?

GOT7 back in full?

On Friday, April 22, Korean media revealed a possible return of GOT7 in May!

After a little over a year’s break for the group, the 7 members reunited in South Korea to prepare a comeback, with MARK and JACKSON who had returned to the United States and China respectively in early 2021, after the 7 years of group activity.

In 2021, the group as well as all the members had terminated their contract with JYP Entertainment, pausing their group activity to each focus on their solo careers. MARK opened his own agency, DNA, and was able to make many solo singles and venture into various fields (fashion, streaming, etc.).

JAY B joined H1GHR Music, which allowed him to release his first R&B album, “SWITCH IT UP“, and multiplied collaborations and diversified his artistic approach with his other alias, DEF. Unsurprisingly, JACKSON has continued to develop his career with his own label TEAM WANG, both in music and through large-scale partnerships with Sublime and RYCE Entertainment, not to mention his activities with his group PANTHEPACK and his recent participating in Coachella. Unlike the other members, JINYOUNG has mainly focused on his acting career by joining BH Entertainment where he has and continues to multiply roles, with “Yaksha” which was recently released on Netflix. For his part, YOUNGJAE released his first album “COLORS FROM ARS” with the support of his new agency, Sublime, and embarked on the adventure of radio. BAMBAM, signed to ABYSS, is on his second album, and recently traveled to the United States for an unprecedented collaboration with the Golden State Warriors for whom he performed during the halftime game against the Lakers . Finally, YUGYEOM joined AOMG and released his first album “POINT OF VIEW: U” with which he will travel to Europe for a series of concerts (Germany, France, United Kingdom).

While their promise to return to 7 together one day may have left many people skeptical when “Encore” was released in 2021, this announcement marks the end of doubts and testifies to their sincerity and the strength of their fandom. With solo careers soaring for each and no members under the same agency, they have managed to come together to produce an album which is due out in May according to Korean media.

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Shawn
Source: JoyNews24

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