BUGABOO: The group has announced its return

The girl group BUGABOO will be making a comeback.

BUGABOO unveiled the “Coming Soon” poster via its official SNS at midnight KST on May 25 to announce its participation in the upcoming June Comeback Contest.

The poster, which was released, sported strong colors using yellow and red, quickly caught the attention of the public. In addition, the harmony of colors and letters alone gives off a sporty feeling, attracting attention.

BUGABOO notably confirmed the release of their second single at 6 p.m. KST on June 13 via the poster “Coming Soon,” as well as the logo for a new album titled “POP.”

While BUGABOO, which released various cover videos such as “The way”, “Square”,그대라는 시” and “Loco” after the end of the promotion of its first song “bugAboo”, returns to the industry music after about seven months, questions arise as to what genre “POP” will show as charm.

BUGABOO, which got global fans’ hearts racing with its “Coming Soon” poster, has already caught the attention of K-pop fans by saying that it finished filming the music video for its new song at the end of April. Moreover, the new song is known to offer a completely different atmosphere from the previous one, which is a song that will hook your ears right from the intro.

While BUGABOO, which debuted with “bugAboo” in October last year and surpassed 10 million views with its music video in one week, is expected to release a new single on June 13, BUGABOO is expected to captivate fans national and foreign with its skills and visuals.

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Translator: Shawn

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