Revealing the BOBBY you’ve never seen” is how the platform draws the public’s attention to BOBBY‘s profile.

In a short trailer of almost two minutes, BOBBY shows himself in various shots, from training to on stage, as well as some shots made for his interview, all accompanied by background music and his voice as he confides on the anxiety he felt before he debuted but continued to feel after his debut, and even more so.

In his series of fourteen videos, the star shares stories about his time as a trainee, his passion for music, and how he was able to overcome doubt and obstacles and become iKON‘s BOBBY.

Currently, there are only ten episodes available for viewing, released between June 10 and July 8 on the MINDSET website.
In order to view it, you will need to take out an annual membership subscription of $2.92 per month.

Journalist: Anaïs
Translator: Anaïs
Source: Dive Studios

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