MC DING DONG: Three years in prison required

MC DING DONG, who admitted to fleeing after hitting a police car, after driving drunk, was sentenced to three years in prison.


In a trial held at Seoul’s Northern District Court on the morning of June 7, the prosecution requested a three-year prison term against MC DING DONG for violating traffic law, obstructing execution special official duties and interference with special official duties.

On February 17, MC DING DONG was arrested by police on a road in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, after being drunk while driving. However, he fled without responding to a police request to stop and was arrested after approximately four hours of pursuit. At that time, his blood alcohol level was at the level of license cancellation (over 0.08%).

The police applied for an arrest warrant for MC DING DONG and the court issued it. MC DING DONG was arrested and admitted all charges at the first hearing held on May 24th.

At the final hearing held on June 7, MC DING DONG said, “I’m so sorry I will live with repentance,” with tears in his eyes. The sentencing hearing will take place on June 21.

MC DING DONG is a former comedian and television figure.

Journalist: Shawn
Transaltor: Shawn

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