ATEEZ: One more year for YEOSANG!

In this June 15, we celebrate the birthday of YEOSANG, ATEEZ’s singer, dancer and visual: YEOSANG! 

Before starting YEOSANG and the other group’s members (HONGJOONG, SEONGHWA, YUNHO, SAN, MINGI, WOOYOUNG, JONGHO) flew to the United States as KQ FELLAZ to complete their training in dances and songs. In Los Angeles, they produced many videos such as « FROM » music video, their pre-debut song and a performance music video alongside Mikey DellaVella and Julian DeGuzman.

YEOSANG debuted in ATEEZ on October 24 2018, with « Treasure » and « Pirate king (« 해적왕 ») ». The group has distinguished itself by its concept and its iconic choreographies from « TREASURE » to « FEVER » series gripping fans in ATEEZ’s future. This success was confirmed with the group’s second world tour named « THE FELLOWSHIP : BEGINNING OF THE END ». After two years of the pandemic, ATEEZ was able to perform to a sold-out crowd in front of over 180,000 fans at eighteen concerts in twelve different cities.

Through the group’s various comebacks, YEOSANG has marked ATINYs (fandom’s name) by showing visuals worthy of its nickname, « statue », in reference to his beauty comparable to a work of art. Indeed, according to members and ATINYs, YEOSANG exudes a natural beauty that strongly attracts attention.

Increased attention since YEOSANG shares his new passion for sport. The latter thus wishes to be nicknamed « Doberman » which, according to him, would be his totem animal, unlike the ATINYs who rather think that it is a « Maltese ». YEOSANG also shared with his fans his desire to learn new things like rap which he could try in the song « Celebrate » or composition and production which he learns from HONGJOONG, ATEEZ’s « captain ».

In addition, YEOSANG is, for the second consecutive year, the presenter of the SBS MTV music show « THE SHOW » with MINHEE (CRAVITY) and CHAEHYUN (KEP1ER). Nicknamed « Captain Puppy », YEOSANG has a program called « THE 강습소 » this year, and « Uncommon 강습소 » the previous year, where he learns different groups’ choreographies accompanied by them. In particular, we could see him teaching the choreography of « Deja vu », the « FEVER PART. 3 » title track to the guests of this show.

Alongside his role as a presenter, YEOSANG has his own program on the ATEEZ YouTube channel. The latter called « 전지적 여상 시점 » (in English: YEOSANG’s omniscient point of view) is a program where YEOSANG do several experiments and challenges, the latest is a cooking competition with other ATEEZ members.

Let’s wish a happy birthday to the great dancer, visual and singer YEOSANG!

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura

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