FNC Entertainment: A Korean-Japanese Survival

FNC Entertainment will launch a project to form an idol group between Korea and Japan.

Korea-Japan joint idol group formation project “THE IDOL BAND: BOY’S BATTLE” is planned by Japanese terrestrial broadcasters TBS and FNC Entertainment, produced by SBS MediaNet, and is simulcast on SBS MTV, SBS FiL and TBS in Japan.

THE IDOL BAND: BOY’S BATTLE” is an audition program to find an idol group with skills to conduct popular music around the world, visuals and different instrumental performances. The idol group producers will select and combine group members to form a team to create the best group that will excite fans around the world. In the process, it will contain fierce competition and friendship between various groups of boys.

THE IDOL BAND: BOY’S BATTLE” will be a program that can pioneer the K-band genre with K-pop worldwide,” said Han Sung Ho, General Producer of FNC Entertainment.We ask for a lot of support from participants to tap into the band’s hidden DNA among listeners around the world.”

Journalist: Shawn
Transaltor: Shawn
Source: FNC Entertainment

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