THE BOYZ: The group performed in Paris

The group THE BOYZ came to Paris to perform at La Seine Musicale.

After going to several US cities, THE BOYZ continue its world tour THE B-ZONE by performing in several cities from Europe. The members from the group were not able to see their international fans in three years so they were excited to meet their fans in big venues in Europe.

On June 25, in Paris, the members of the group had fun for the French venue. Fans of the group are always growing bigger and French fans made sure the group was having a good time. Several projects have been prepared by a French fanbase dedicated to the group such as flowers, random play dance during the afternoon, lightsticks or even a banner that the audience had to show during the concert. Moreover, a special project have been prepared for the youngest member, ERIC, who is in hiatus because of his health. The audience had to show one side of the banner that was dedicated to ERIC to show the other members that French fans are always thinking about him.

THE BOYZ active members continue their world tour until August 2022.

Journalist: Solène
Translator: Solène
Source: SNS THE BOYZ / @yoonkyhun

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