CHOI YENA: Lots of love for her comeback

Singer CHOI YENA is making a comeback.

On July 18, her agency Yuehua Entertainment shared, “CHOI YENA will be releasing her second mini album “SMART PHONE” at 6 p.m. LKST on August 3 and will be carrying out their comeback activities.

Along with this, the poster of “Coming soon“, which has been released, is decorated in pink overall, showing both beauty and vitality.

In addition, the pink cell phone has the sender’s name “YENA”, which implies full-fledged communication through this return.

The animated logo video, which was later released, caught the eye as the logo of “YENA” was drawn vividly with sound effects reminiscent of a hero transformation animation. With the pink cellphone on the poster for “Coming soon,” the animated motion of the logo raises questions about the concept of the new album.

The public’s attention is focused on the other charms and possibilities that CHOI YENA will show through her first new album after seven months.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS YENA

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