SUNYE: Her solo debut is approaching

Singer SUNYE has raised expectations for her solo debut.

On July 17, SUNYE’s agency Blockberry Creative released three concept photos for SUNYE’s debut solo album “GENUINE” on its official SNS.

SUNYE, in the published photos, catches the eye by emitting various lights. Her eyes and visuals that sparkle like the jewel she wears in the rainbow-colored image have garnered admiration. Moreover, SUNYE, colored by neon lights, revealed an alluring aura with a deeper mood.

Earlier, SUNYE announced a trendy style and colorful visuals through concept photos. The album, meanwhile, will deliver a feeling filled with sensibilities that have fans’ expectations for her solo debut peaked.

SUNYE will release her first solo album “GENUINE” on July 26 and make her solo debut. SUNYE, who will be debuting as a solo artist for the first time, will dive into the music industry this summer, revealing her elegant dignity worthy of a “Solo Queen.”

“GENUINE” is an album that SUNYE started with “진실된 나의 모습을 찾는 것” and tried to bring out the stories she may have in her current self as true as possible. SUNYE participated in the writing of a total of four songs, including the title track “Just a dancer“, and captured SUNYE’s concerns and honest stories as an artist, taking his first steps as a solo artist.

SUNYE will pre-release the track “Glass heart” as her first single on July 19, and will release her  first solo album “GENUINE” at 6 p.m. KST on July 26.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS BlockBerry Creative

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