DKZ: A season 2 is coming for a trip with you

Boy group DKZ’s self-produced show “동고동락2 (Donggo Dongrak 2)” will premiere on July 29.

The agency, Dongyo Entertainment, released a video teaser for “DKZ’s Donggo Dongrak 2” on DKZ’s official channel and SNS at 9 p.m. KST on July 22, raising questions about the new show.

In the posted video, DKZ caught fans’ attention with a friendly atmosphere, showing them going to heal themselves in the forest, laughing, chatting, and enjoying their journey as they please.

As this is the second season of “Donggo Dongrak”, DKZ showed a more comfortable appearance, strong friendship between the members and overflowing excitement, and mostly expected a cool water play to relieve the heat ambient.

In addition, DKZ announced a sense of entertainment from the six people and with its six colors, brilliant visuals and witty lyrics, in the water, drawing attention to “Donggo Dongrak 2”.

Donggo Dongrak 2” is a self-produced reality show that captures DKZ’s youthfulness, for young people in their 20s, away from DKZ’s stage performances, and not only reveals each member’s charm, but also provides chemistry with a exceptional teamwork.

DKZ, which is having a bright year in 2022, is expected to share an online journey with fans via “Donggo Dongrak 2.”

DKZ will release their 2022 summer photobook “PAUSE” on July 26, followed by their own reality show “Donggo Dongrak 2” on July 29.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Dongyo Entertainment

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