Saturday, September 30, 2023

LABOUM: Fixed on its fate at the end of the month

The LABOUM group is involved in rumors of dissolution.


Interpark Music Plus, its agency, informed X-Sports News on the 11th that he would reveal his exact position, saying: “There has been no decision on the dismantling“.

Earlier in the afternoon, a media reported that the LABOUM group will be disbanding after August. Currently, LABOUM’s agency is Interpark Music Plus, a subsidiary of Interpark. Yanolja acquired Interpark in December last year and ended its management activity, and LABOUM will be set on its sequel soon.

While officials draw a guideline, attention is focused on the positions of those who will decide what to do next.

Meanwhile, LABOUM has been loved for songs such as “Journey to atlantis” and “Between us” since its debut in 2014.

In September last year, after switching agencies and moving to Interpark Music Plus, the group reorganized into a four-member system consisting of SOYEON, ZN, HAEIN and SOLBIN. Recently, member SOYEON appeared on MBC’s variety show “놀면 뭐하니? How do you play?”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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