BAEK A YEON: Second song for the album “Exhibition Track”

Singer BAEK A YEON delivered the emotional line of unrequited love through “Exhibition Track.”


BAEK A YEON released the second track “Doctor” from the new music project “Exhibition Track” on August 17.

“Doctor” is a song that shows the madness and painful feelings of unrequited love. Many people are expected to sympathize and remember the feeling of thinking about someone all day, feeling strange and confused as if they were sick.

Exhibition Track” is an album in which a song that contains an artist’s emotions is expressed in a single musical work. It is also an exhibition project that expresses the emotions felt in the lyrics with the music as it is defined in the dictionary (exhibition, expression of emotions, etc.).

Sunye’s “Won’t cry” was released as her debut song in May, and BAEK A YEON continued the “Exhibition Track” project with “Doctor” three months later.

BAEK A YEON is a singer loved by listeners for her clear, pure voice and appealing emotional expression. Last year, she topped the music charts with her fifth mini album “OBSERVE,” title track “0%,” and this year she is communicating with listeners through various OST and project songs.

The second song “Doctor” from “Exhibition Track,” which BAEK A YEON participated in, was released on various online music sites today.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Exhibition Track

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