NEWKIDD: A second vlog for LEE MIN WOOK

Boy group NEWKIDD is winning the hearts of fans around the world by releasing their own series “Newkidd in Brazil” episode after episode.


Newkidd in Brazil” is content planned and filmed by NEWKIDD members JIN KWON and LEE MIN WOOK, and is a true self-filmed V-log that shows daily moments in Brazil, from the member’s point of view.

NEWKIDD released their second Vlog titled “EP2. I’m MINWOOK” today and revealed new member LEE MINWOOK’s daily life. The young man, who appeared in official content for the first time, showed an irreplaceable figure among K-pop idols with his unique visuals and laid-back charm.

In the posted video, LEE MINWOOK showed off his “strong” visuals, while grabbing attention with his easygoing and honest charm in contrast to his unattainable beauty. He revealed his daily moments on the plane and in his accommodation, evoking sympathy from viewers and showing fluent hospitality skills. In particular, this is the first time they have met South American fans in an idol group, foreign fans continue to respond favorably to its coming and its versatile aspects.

With the release of NEWKIDD’s new content, the group’s latest interview is once again making headlines. NEWKIDD, which calls itself the “NamMidol (Idols of South America)“, is attracting attention, having said so in an interview to mark the achievement of 100,000 subscribers on the official YouTube channel in 2020, “Our goal is to upload Vlogs from every country (where fans are present).


With this content, NEWKIDD is fulfilling its promise with fans made two years ago, eliciting happy responses from South American fans, adding emotion. After “EP1. I am JINKWON”, which was released last week, the introduction video for the two main characters of the “Newkidd in Brazil” series has been released. Raising expectations for the future.


NEWKIDD will post a new self-filmed Vlog “Newkidd in Brazil” on its official YouTube channel every Wednesday.

Journaliste : Shawn

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