BLANK2Y: The new atmosphere of the second album

A preview video for boy group BLANK2Y’s new album has been released.

The preview video for BLANK2Y’s digital mini album “K2Y II: PASSION [FUEGO]“, which was released on official SNS at midnight on August 19, includes behind-the-scenes footage from the shooting site, and some of the songs from the album have been unveiled.

Among the tracks, the title track “Fuego (Burn it up)” is a song about BLANK2Y’s tireless passion, and it captivated listeners with its beautiful and intense drum beats, sibilant high notes, and addictive sounds. BLANK2Y’s album, which expresses the theme of “passion” with its own colors, heralded new musical growth.

Moreover, the group plans to show a variety of charms through the intro song “U”, which expresses the presence of BLANK2Y with a grand and heavy sound, “Fearless”, which lets you feel a different mood from the title track, and “I wish,” a fan song for “K2YWE” (fanclub), which features the sincere voices of BLANK2Y members with lyrical piano accompaniment.

BLANK2Y’s new album “K2Y II: PASSION [FUEGO]” will be released on various online music sites on August 24 at noon KST.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KEYSTONE Entertainment

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