Monday, December 4, 2023
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BTS: The Tiny Tan meet in Jeju

Chocolate will enter Jeju’s duty free store with a pop-up store using BTS characters for messages in Korean.

StarFox Family (CEO Lee Dae-hee) said on the 6th, “We will open a pop-up store in Jeju Duty Free Shop (JDC) for three months from September 7 to December 7,” adding, “It’s a good opportunity to meet “BTS Korean Message Chocolate” and “Titan Message Chocolate”. In addition, the product is sold in duty-free shops, so you can buy it a little cheaper than existing online shopping malls.

In particular, JDC Jeju Duty Free Shop will introduce “Titan Message Chocolate_Butter Ver.” and “Titan Message Chocolate_6 Magnet Set” for the first time.

CEO Lee Dae-hee added, “The opening of the JDC Jeju Duty Free pop-up store is a good opportunity to introduce our products to many domestic and foreign tourists visiting Jeju, and our chocolate products will also be a good gift for tourists who love BTS.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source : SNS Starfox family

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