OMEGA X: A “first” for JAEHAN and YECHAN

JAEHAN and YECHAN, members of boy group OMEGA X, have successfully completed the premiere of their first drama, “소년을 위로해줘!

At 7 p.m. KST on September 8 at CGV Yongsan I Park Mall, the premiere of web drama “소년을 위로해줘!” (produced by Picture Resk Co., Ltd., distributed by KT Alpha Co., Ltd.) took place, and JAEHAN and YECHAN introduced “소년을 위로해줘!” through stage greetings before the first broadcasts, asking to watch the upcoming drama.

In particular, JAEHAN and YECHAN shared various stories about their acting, behind-the-scenes stories, and highlights, raising expectations for the drama to have an unforgettable time with the audience.

As such, JAEHAN and YECHAN, who started their careers as actors after completing the premiere of “소년을 위로해줘!” draw the attention of fans around the world to the kind of acting synergy they will show through the work.

소년을위로해줘!” is a thrilling romance about the development of youth between two boys who meet in archery with an archery specialist “Dayeol” (JAEHAN) and an archery master “Taehyun” (YECHAN) who has secrets .

Additionally, JAEHAN participated in the soundtrack of “소년을 위로해줘!” with the title “너를 다시” with members TAEDONG and XEN, as well as participating in the composition of the song by himself, revealing the aspect of a “versatile idol” who was well versed in acting and acting. music.

OMEGA X, which includes JAEHAN and YECHAN, will begin its international tour on September 16 to announce the birth of the group of “emerging international rookies“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Spire Entertainment

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