AB6IX: A collaboration with the tiktoker REILEY

News of the collaboration between idol group AB6IX and artist REILEY has been announced.


AB6IX and REILEY will be releasing their new collaboration song “Moonlight” on September 15, completely captivating fans around the world.

In the photo posted with the news, the phrase “Moonlight” is written on the pink color in the background, which represents the mysterious charm. This one then raised expectations through the phrases “AB6IX & REILEY”, “Coming Soon” and “2022.09.15”.

The video was posted on REILEY’s official SNS. In the video, REILEY, with a refreshing melody and warm visual, appears to wave someone, and the members of AB6IX suddenly appear to wave back, catching fans’ attention.


Replying to @Je S hii

♬ original sound – Rei

AB6IX continued its hard work by showing their presence in various fields such as group activities, broadcasting and image with its representative songs “Breath” and “Savior”.

REILEY is a popular tiktokker with over 10 million subscribers and is set to visit Korea for the first time in October, receiving lots of love in the country with the song “Let it ring”. In addition, great attention is paid to the collaboration that will be introduced with AB6IX.

AB6IX and REILEY’s new song “Moonlight” will be released on September 15.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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