GOLDEN CHILD: Operation after a broken cheekbone

GOLDEN CHILD‘s CHOI BO MIN suffered a fractured face after being hit by a golf club during his personal schedule.

According to his agency Woollim Entertainment, on September 30, CHOI BO MIN was struck by a golf club brandished by another person while playing golf on his personal schedule on the 28th and fractured his cheekbone.

The agency stated, “Following the detailed examination, surgery and rehabilitation treatment were inevitable,” adding, “CHOI BO MIN will inform fans of his recovery schedule later because it is difficult to participate in the GOLDEN CHILD activities currently planned.”

GOLDEN CHILD is a 10-member group and made a comeback with their sixth mini album “AURA” in August. In March, member LEE DAE YEOL joined the military, and the group works with a nine-member system.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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