ONEWE: A spoiler immersing you in the mood

Group ONEWE has released a new spoiler for its special song.

RBW released a special preview video of its new song “Still here” music video on ONEWE’s official SNS on October 2.

In the released video, you can see the emotional atmosphere of the new song and ONEWE’s emphasis on music, attracting attention. The warm and atmospheric vocals of singers YONG HOON and DONG MYUNG, the group’s intense performance, and sensual visual beauty are combined to raise expectations for the later release of the full version of the music video.

Moreover, fairytale guitar riffs, unique and colorful bass lines and percussion with distinctive melody and lyrics throughout filled with full heartbreak make your heart emotional and add specialness.

The new song “Still here”, which will be released on October 4, is a song titled “ONEWE’s Rock Ballad” which contains the desire for a changed relationship. Two people who knew everything sing about the reality that they have become strangers.

It is a song that members YONG HOON and KANG HYUN, who are currently serving in the military, completed their work for the fans before joining the military, and ONEWE’s extraordinary love for the fans attracted the Warning. Member YONG HOON wrote and composed the song himself to show ONEWE’s unique musical color.

ONEWE will then release its third demo album “Studio We: Recording #3” on October 18. “STUDIO WE: Recording #3” is an album that contains the construction process of ONEWE’s works, and is the first series that contains the guide version of the song that outlines ONEWE’s first idea for the song.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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