VLIVE: Its last 3 months of life

It had already been announced, the VLIVE application will disappear at the end of 2022.

To summarize, HYBE to buy the application and will merge it with its own application called Weverse.

Only artists already on the Weverse app will see their content transferred from Vlive to Weverse. But then what will happen to the others?

Fans are therefore asking the question, artists like NCT, RED VELVET, EXO from the agency SM Entertainment or STRAY KIDS, TWICE from JYP Entertainment, have they planned to save their content on another platform?

Or as announced by Hybe, all the videos will be deleted?

For the moment the fans are worried and the agencies are not saying much, a first agency, that of the group BUSTERS announced that it would go back to the communication on the fan cafe for communication with the fans.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Vlive, Hybe

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