Thursday, September 28, 2023

BAE173: An encounter with Brave Brothers

The group BAE173 will meet Brave Brothers.

BAE173 (Jaymin, Hangyul, Yoojun, Mujin, Junseo, Youngseo, Doha, Bit, Dohyun) will team up with hit song creator Brave Brothers to launch a new concept.

Brave Brothers will present BAE173 with addictive melodies and lyrics that anyone can sing along to, just like Big Bang’s “Lie” which caused a craze in 2007. Much attention is paid to the new concept that BAE173 will present.

Brave Brothers, a composer who composed Sistar’s “Alone”, Son Dam Bi’s “Crazy” and “What’s your name?” of 4Minute and creator of Brave Girls, participated in the production of BAE173’s third mini-album “INTERRESSECTION: BLAZE” released in March.

BAE173 released their fourth mini album “ODYSSEY: DaSH” in August and have been active in various music programs, featuring title track “DaSH” and track “Walking Ma.” In September, it held its first “BAE173 Special Live in Japan 2022” concert in Japan and met his fans.

Attention is drawn to the encounter between BAE173 and Brave Brothers.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pocketdol Studio

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