TRENDZ: EUN IL deploys his voice live

EUN IL, a member of boy group TRENDZ, showed strong singing skills as a lead vocalist, raising expectations for a comeback.

EUN IL appeared in “천만 A-YO 콘서트,” a performance commemorating “MBCkpop’s 10 million subscribers,” which aired at 8 p.m. KST on October 14.

That day, EUN IL showed his potential as the lead singer of TRENDZ with his explosive singing ability and unparalleled voice while setting up a collaboration stage with members of boy bands Just B, Dkz, Mirae and Blitzer.

First, EUN IL, who sang DAY6’s “You were beautiful,” garnered enthusiastic responses from fans around the world with his unique vocals from the first verse, and then during the collaboration on H.O.T. “Happiness” with a soft voice, enough to target global fans.

As such, fans around the world have been paying close attention to the tone and concept he will show off in November’s comeback album with his band, having stood out as TRENDZ’s lead vocalist during the “천만 A-YO 콘서트

In the meantime, EUN IL‘s group TRENDZ is drawing attention to its future activities by imprinting its brilliant presence as well as its limitless concepts through its second mini album “BLUE SET Chapter 2. CHOICE”.

TRENDZ will announce the birth of the “new K-POP hero” with a new album prepared for November with LEEZ, which has produced various artists such as Ateez, Dreamcatcher, Younha, MC Mong, FT Island, Infinite, N.Flying, and Lovelyz.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube capture MBC KPOP

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