MIMIIROSE: Outdoor vacation for “Lululu”

New girl group MIMIIROSE showed original colors to K-pop fans.

MIMIIROSE released the MV for the song “Lululu” from its debut album “AWESOME” on its official YouTube channel at 6 p.m. KST.

In the released video, the appearance of MIMIIROSE on a trip away from her boring daily life was exhibited in colorful colors. MIMIIROSE’s appearance opening the locked door without hesitation seems to imply her own towering worldview, and the original performance reaffirmed the group’s worldview and color.

Moreover, MIMIIROSE made fans smile happily as they watched the scene where they were smiling and having fun. Later, at the end of the video, member HAN YEWON was seen holding a cake with her hand, leaving a strong impression.

The MV of “Lululu”, which seems to freely enjoy the present, takes a fresh look at global fans in a different atmosphere from the captivating title track “Rose”. In addition, MIMIIROSE, which has succeeded in a trendy and fashionable colorful style, has attracted attention by doubling its floral charm.

The released track “Lululu” is a song that not only adds meaning to producer Lim Chang Jung’s participation in writing and composing, but also confirms his differentiated identity and worldview with the message “Save those who struggle in a dizzying media world“.

The group MIMIIROSE made its official debut on September 16 and showed its unique group color through their debut album “AWESOME”, and established themselves as a “fourth generation popular group” with versatile members, showing its presence to the public.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YESIM Entertainment

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