QUEENZ EYE: The six members showed their faces

The six members of the new girl group QUEENZ EYE have finally been revealed.

QUEENZ EYE (Wonchae, Hannah, Narin, Ahyoon, Damin, and Jenna) released personal concept photos for its debut album “QUEENZ TABLE” on its official SNS from October 17th to October 19th.

The released concept photos showed off the eyes of confident and self-assured members like the eyes of queens, catching everyone’s attention. The first member, NARIN, captivated viewers with cold, piercing eyes, and held the queen’s symbol, a tiara, in her hand, giving off an elegant and chic atmosphere.


At the same time, DAMIN completed a sophisticated style with long black hair and white clothes, captivating fans with a charm that never ceases to be attractive. Since then, concept photos of AHYOON, who captivated with her deep smoky makeup, and WONCHAE, who gazes into the distance with a sharp gaze, have been released, raising questions about the worldview QUEENZ EYE will show.

The latest concept photos, which have been released, have also sparked curiosity for the debut album “QUEENZ TABLE“, featuring visuals of HANNAH, who created a chic atmosphere while looking straight ahead, and JENNA, who felt trendy with natural straight hair.

QUEENZ EYE, who previously released the schedule, prove themselves to be “talented rookies” by sequentially showcasing creative choreography and vocal cover videos on its official YouTube channel. Expectations are high for the concept that QUEENZ EYE, which has been recognized for its attractive dance line, choreographic creation and high-quality vocals, will show along with its debut.

QUEENZ EYE, which has entered its first full-fledged countdown, consists of a total of six Korean members, WONCHAE, HANNAH, NARIN, AHYOON, DAMIN and JENNA, and its name carries the meaning “eyes of the queen”.

QUEENZ EYE, a group that will show the true value of “Queen” with different performances and music, will officially debut on October 24 with its debut album “QUEENZ TABLE.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Big Mountain Entertainment

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