YESUNG x SOLAR: A collaboration for “After love”

SUPER JUNIOR‘s YESUNG and MAMAMOO’s SOLAR will feature harmonies that go well with this fall.

YESUNG and SOLAR will be releasing “사랑후에 (After love)” on various online music sites at 6 p.m. KST on October 20.

사랑 후에 (After love)” is a new reinterpretation of the title song of the musical drama “동화 (冬話)” released in 2006, in 2022 version, which captures the feelings of men and women at the time of the coming breakup finally after love.

The voices of YESUNG and SOLAR, who have strong singing ability, sweet vocals and delicate song interpretation, are expected to maintain the charm of the original song while offering deeper sensitivity. In particular, YESUNG and SOLAR demonstrate musical synergy by showing harmonies that blend naturally even though this is their first duet.

Also, with vocals from YESUNG and SOLAR, the dark lyrics such as “Don’t look back / Keep walking / When I see you / I want to hug you again / I don’t know if I’ll run to you” will touch hearts and fill listeners’ playlists this fall.

The meeting between “722 Studio” and YESUNG and SOLAR, who previously brought various pleasures to music fans through collaborations with various artists, is expected to give a deep aftertaste with a different charm from the original song “After Lov .”

The track “사랑후에 (After love)” from “722 Studio” featuring YESUNG and SOLAR will be available from 6 p.m. KST on October 20.

Journalist: Shawn
Source: 722 Studio

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