JEONG YEIN: An autumnal sweetness

LOVELYZ former member JEONG YEIN posts her second teaser photo, catching attention with her storytelling eyes.

On November 25, JEONG YEIN released the second concept photo for the digital single “버스정류장 (Bus Stop)” on her agency’s official SNS.

In the posted image, JEONG YEIN draws attention as she stares at a purple flower and looks somewhat nostalgic. On top of that, laying motionless in front of a house wall, bushes with dead leaves on the side, creating a lonely atmosphere, even feeling empty and stimulating curiosity for upcoming concept photos.

In the photo released, JEONG YEIN is seen holding a camcorder in front of an empty bus stop. Unlike the previous concept photo, in which you were looking at someone focused on her thoughts, the face seeming to reminisce about past memories, this one with the camcorder raises expectations for the song’s narrative.

JEONG YEIN’s digital single “버스정류장 (Bus Stop)” due out on December 2 is a warm ballad that can melt listeners’ emotions in cold winter weather. Using the object called “bus stop“, can return to the meaning of burning new memories each time you pass by a bus stop, one after another, but also to return to memories past. On top of that, singer Heize is known for working on JEONG YEIN‘s song, raising expectations for the synergy between the two artists more than ever.

The Bus Stop, which perfectly portrays winter sensibility with the combination of sentimental, melancholic song atmosphere and JEONG YEIN‘s pure vocal color. The singer is expected to show off another charm with a giveaway-like album, taking responsibility for listeners’ year-end playlists through this new work.

JEONG YEIN’s digital single “버스정류장 (Bus Stop)” will be available on various online music sites at 6 p.m. KST on December 2.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Sublime Artists Agency

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