TAEYANG: A comeback not yet confirmed by YG

BIGBANG Group’s TAEYANG has expressed reservations about returning in January next year.


YG Entertainment, his agency, told Star News on December 2, TAEYANG’s solo comeback in January next year has not been confirmed yet.”

On the same day, a media outlet said that TAEYANG would release a new album in January 2023.

TAEYANG’s latest solo album is his third album “WHITE NIGHT“, which was released in August 2017. If TAEYANG releases a new album in January next year, he will come back with this one about five years after the previous one.

TAEYANG joined the military immediately after marrying actress Min Hyo Rin in February 2018. TAEYANG, who was discharged from the military on November 10, 2019, became a father after three years of marriage announcing the December birth of Last year.

TAEYANG, who had been inactive due to his military enlistment and the birth of his child, took part in BIGBANG’s digital single “Still life” in April. BIGBANG has always shown its popularity even after a long absence.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YG Entertainment Site / Star News

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