BTS: The beauty of V embellished with an old-fashioned European style

BTS member V showed off his scenic beauty.


V on December 8 released a concept film and preview images on BTS’s official SNS, “Special 8 Photo-Folio.”


In the video and photos released, V depicts a beautiful day at a shrine against a 19th-century European-style backdrop. “Veautiful days“, expresses classical sensibility, containing a total of four concepts in the mood of modern Europe. V is a gentleman who takes riding lessons and meets fans while enjoying tea time. The atmosphere, like watching a scene from a movie, adds depth to V‘s romantic and alluring visuals.

Veautiful days” reflects V‘s taste for jazz and classical costumes. V is said to have been involved in all of the pictorial work from the planning phase to carefully selecting the vintage props that appear in each image.

V‘s “Veautiful days” Photo-folio photo shoot will be released on December 23.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS BTS

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