KISU: He donates all of the proceeds from his concert online

Singer KISU donated all proceeds from the concert online.


KISU expressed itself warmly by participating in donations for people vulnerable to Corona virus and Ukrainian war victims with the online concert “ALL TOGETHER“, which was produced and organized on November 18 with the support of Korea Creative Content Agency.

All proceeds from the sale of tickets and merchandise for the “ALL TOGETHER” online concert, consisting of quarantine supplies worth about 3 million won, were donated to the administrative cooperation team of the Shinwol 3-dong community center and the Ukrainian Embassy.

KISU said through his agency Beyond ENT, “It was a very meaningful performance to donate with the fans. I would like to thank the cast and performance managers for joining us in creating a great performance, and I hope this performance will send a message of comfort and hope to many people.”

KISU is known to be preparing for a European tour in February 2023 and is expanding into various fields, including working on a new song and working as a music video director for other artists.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Beyond Ent

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