BIGBANG/BTS: TAEYANG and JIMIN an expected collaboration

TAEYANG (34 years old, Dong Young Bae), member of the second generation kpop boy group BIGBANG, and JIMIN (27, Park Jimin), member of the third generation kpop boy group BTS, are expected to release a song soon. collaboration.


According to the pop music industry on December 9, the song featured by JIMIN was included in the solo album, which TAEYEANG is expected to release early next year. The two artists have already finished recording and we know that they will work together later.

TAEYANG’s solo album will be his first in about six years since his third album “WHITE NIGHT” released in August 2017.

The kpop industry is excited about the news that these idols representing each generation will be releasing a collaborative song. BIGBANG is the group that led the trend of K-pop idols and producers in the second generation. In particular, TAEYANG is versatile in all areas, such as singing and dancing. BTS is the most popular third generation kpop group, no longer in need of promotion. JIMIN is good at dancing and singing.

Earlier, JIMIN said during his 2013 BTS debut, “I respect Bigbang’s Taeyang. I really want to be on the same stage as him once.

TAEYANG released a new song “Still life” with group BIGBANG in May. BTS is currently focusing on their individual activities. The collaboration of the two artists will be highly anticipated.

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