MADDOX: A talent that still amazes

MADDOX has been proclaimed “little Kim Jo Han“.

Singer-songwriter MADDOX appeared on KBS2’s “Immortal Songs – Singing Legend” special, which aired on the afternoon of December 17, catching people’s eyes.

MADDOX, who reappeared about two months after his previous performance on the “Immortal song ‘The Friends‘” special in October, showed embarrassment, saying, “I’ve been loved by many love calls at various events since my last appearance”.

At that time, MADDOX was praised for his voice performing “이 밤의 끝을 잡고” by Kim Jo Han, and until the airing, he continued his relationship with the artist site and earned the qualifier “Little Kim Jo Han.”

That day, MADDOX selected “사랑이 늦어서 미안해” by Kim Jo Han, which he had loved to sing since high school, and expressed the emotions of the original song more gently through arrangements featuring neutral vocals and high notes.

In particular, when MADDOX showed off his high-pitched three-tiered voice while singing live, applause and admiration came from everywhere, and the cast praised him saying, “It wasn’t empty words for win an all-kill.

In response, original vocalist Kim Jo Han also praised him, “The explosive singing ability was unbelievably cool,” and MADDOX beat out team Yoo Seong Eun x Giant Pink x Kisum.

Currently MADDOX meets fans through his personal YouTube channel “DOXAPPEAL”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KQ Entertainment

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