ATEEZ: The first visuals for « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS » revealed !

Today at midnight (Korean time), after the first concept photos of HONGJOONG, SEONGHWA, YUNHO and YEOSANG, those of SAN, MINGI, WOOYOUNG, and JONGHO have been published on the official ATEEZ SNS for the first single« SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS ».

In SAN‘s concept photo, he poses in front of the camera with his intense gaze revealed between the hood that covers his face. MINGI meanwhile emanates an unmatched aura with blazing hair color and black varnished nails.

WOOYOUNG poses in profile, wearing a cape, with his bright red hair and an exposed piercing at the level of his left eyebrow. The youngest member, JONGHO, also posing in profile, reveals his charisma which is felt in his intense gaze.

In addition, in these four concept photos, we can see the presence of the characters from the title « HALA HALA ». Recognizable characters thanks to their iconic black fedoras. Indeed, these first photos seem to burn to make these characters disappear and give way to the members.

Finally, ATEEZ will release its debut single « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS » on December 30.

Journalist : Myriem
Translator : Myriem
Source : ATEEZ SNS

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