BTOB: A concert for the group’s anniversary

BTOB begins its series of concerts in Seoul this Friday, December 30, enough to offer a superb New Year’s Eve to fans, the MELODY.


As soon as the light goes out in the room, the cries burst forth. A first VCR is broadcast, where we discover the members of the group, MINHYUK, SUNGJAE, EUNKWANG, CHANGSUB, HYUNSIK and PENIEL, walking in a park where the snow is still fresh. We also discover the highlights of their career, which began ten years ago. This concert is therefore rich in emotions, since it celebrates the anniversary of the group, but it is also their first concert in four years! A slogan is displayed, “When everything turns blue, we will be together” and the concert begins!

As soon as BTOB comes on stage, EUNKWANG declares that the fans were missed a lot, and without more ceremony, they begin to sing “Finale: Our concert”. The lightsticks shine, the fans shout, it’s a successful start to the concert! With the presence of a rock band accompanying them, the evening is likely to leave memorable memories for fans. “Show and prove” begins, MINHYUK shining on stage with his powerful rap, before that CHANGSUB and his strong voice fill the stadium where the concert is held. In the cinematic, we can see flags projected on the screen, blue and gold with the logo of the group, placing them as sovereigns. Their outfit too, black suit, with silver and sparkling ornaments.

BTOB then introduces himself individually to the fans, asking them to shout to show their joy to see them. True to their personalities, the members joke with each other and with their fans, expressing their joy at being on stage after several years. The name of the concert, “Be Together”, is displayed behind the group, like a promise to MELODY. They then remember their last concert, when they cried to wish a good enlisting (army) to SUNGJAE. EUNKWANG therefore asks the audience who was there four years ago, and who is there for the first time, and in both cases, the whole stadium waves lightsticks, surprising the leader of the group. The members thank their early fans, as well as the new ones, and also thank them for spending New Year’s Eve with them, which makes this concert even more important for everyone.

SUNGJAE and EUNKWANG also introduce the concept of “sojibakchyeo”, an abbreviation of a phrase in Korean meaning “shout and clap”. BTOB also asks fans in the pit not to push each other, demonstrating it on stage. These rules are not randomly stated, since they echo the tragedy of Itaewon during Halloween. HYUNSIK then polls fans to find out their age group. To the surprise, once again, of the group, some fans are over forty years old, proving that the music of BTOB is ageless. PENIEL confides that his mother is present this evening, but that she is too shy to come forward.

But no more time to talk, you have to sing! “Whiskey” echoes through the stadium, setting the mood, especially when the lyrics “kiss, I do” are spoken. Succeeding it, “Dance with me”, a young woman joining SUNGJAE to dance with him the first notes. The group therefore invites its fans to dance with it tonight, and MELODY cannot decline this invitation. “Higher” is the next song, which sparks even greater interest among fans as the members of BTOB take to the third stage, the most advanced towards the bleachers. Each high note is performed with force and power, making it impossible to question whether the group is singing live or in playback.


It is also time to move on to the second part of the concert. A VCR shows the six men introducing themselves, parodying the interviews they did when they debuted. They are made up and wear their old style, and behave as they did then. They choose the most important moments of their career, citing their debut, their first concert, their first trophy, and other first times they were able to achieve together, and with the fans.

They also select their favorite songs; “Wow“, “It’s okay” and “Someday“. But we will have to wait a little longer before we can listen to them, since it is time for the members to have solo performances. EUNKWANG opens the dance, performing “The man”. The room is plunged into darkness, only the singer and the single piano accompanying him are illuminated, so that we can focus on his emotionally rich falsetto. Once the first chorus has passed, the stadium resumes its colors, to give the impression that EUNKWANG is at the heart of hundreds of stars. Nobody makes the slightest noise, as if subjugated.

SUNGJAE takes over, and reminds fans that the magic of Christmas is not over yet, by performing “Come with the wind”. He invites fans to sing the second chorus, to share this unique moment with them. Snow even falls on stage, then PENIEL continues with “Fly23”. He begins by apologizing, because having injured his legs, he cannot dance the energetic choreography of his solo song. Then, quite predictably for BTOB, a medley of “girlsband” songs begins. EUNKWANG dances on “Love dive” by IVE, MINHYUK on “Antifragile” by LESSERAFIM and they are both joined by SUNGJAE to dance on “Hype boy” by NEWJEANS. MINHYUK declares at the end of this medley that this is the most exhausting part of the concert, making the audience laugh.


PENIEL comes to meet them, asking them for an interview. They claim to be called “No Jeans”, despite the fact that some wear them. They then discuss their solo dance, EUNKWANG saying that he felt like dancing to “Love dive” because he thinks the choreography is cool to perform. MINHYUK says he likes this song too, but if he sang it himself, the effect would be far too uncomfortable. He takes the opportunity to rename the songs performed, “Love protein”, and “Anti sugar”, adding that the choreography of LESSERAFIM stuck better with his musculature, to which PENIEL asks him how much shoulder he has, he is so muscular.

As for SUNGJAE, he is embarrassed to reveal that he did not originally want to dance, but at the insistence of the other members, he joined them to dance “Honey boy”. He took the opportunity to redirect the conversation to their “real” solo performance, stating that he had heard that the fans wanted to sing this song with him for Christmas. MINHYUK reassures the audience, saying that he too has a solo performance. Before leaving the room, he takes the opportunity to show more of his muscular arms, then his abs, followed by EUNKWANG who does not dare to compare himself to the rapper of the group.

They all end up leaving the stage, since it’s time for HYUNSIK to perform “Dear love“, guitar in hand. CHANGSUB replaces him afterwards and sings “Shelter”, inviting fans to accompany him and shout during his tour of the stage in front of the bleachers. Then comes the turn of MINHYUK with “Boom” and “Tonight”. Thus, the circle is complete, and all members have had the right to their individual hour of glory. After these new performances, the group gathers to discuss again, complimenting CHANGSUB for its “rockstar” performance. The person concerned therefore replies that such the red color of his tuxedo, his heart was the seat of a burning fire. MINHYUK talks about his solos, expressing the fact that he hadn’t been able to train this month but was grateful that his body was still so muscular, but was surprised to learn only last night that he would perform today, bare-chested.


After this wave of heat offered for the rapper, the sensitivity is there with the next song, “Blooming day”. To encourage MELODY to sing with them, the lyrics are projected on the screens of the room, and the group goes up on a high stage to enjoy the show more. “It’s okay” is the song that follows, with fans screaming louder upon hearing it. The lightsticks are for the occasion of a green-yellow color, changing the atmosphere of the room. A new VCR is released, showing the members in new role plays, as PENIEL resembling the character of “Léon” (French film), EUNKWANG pretending to be a rapper, HYUNSIK a biker etc. They each then try to declare their love on camera, depending on their character. Once this video is completed, we find BTOB on stage with the song “2nd confession”, the members grabbing a basket with gifts that they throw into the pit.

The excitement is at its height when “Wow” is performed on stage, allowing us to remember the youth of the group. The nostalgia continues with the song rich in emotion “I’ll be your man“, which is one of the most significant of the group’s career. The absence of PENIEL is then more striking, because not being able to dance with the group, he leaves the stage when he is not singing. Although he claimed to have almost recovered from his injury, he stays careful. After this strong performance, it’s a new “talk time” for the fans. They talk about the gifts they throw in public to the fans, but also to those received when we entered the room: face masks. They claim to have really wanted to give presents to MELODY, but that they knew that some would be disappointed by those who did not receive them in the pit, so they prepared some for everyone.

SUNGJAE calls the group to order, stating that it is undoubtedly one of the fan favorite songs that will follow, allowing “Beautiful pain” to debut. Follows “Only one for me”, the fans shouting the names of the members at the beginning of the song. As time passed, the end of the concert was then announced, to the great displeasure of MELODY who did not wish to see their favorite group leave. Before saying goodbye, BTOB and the fans sing together the chorus of their last performed song. HYUNSIK once again expresses their gratitude to perform concerts again after several years, and the group performs “Missing you” to prove it. Fans are singing with the group more than ever, proving their love to the members as well. In animation behind the group, cogs, perhaps able to remind that despite the passage of time, BTOB will always be there for MELODY and vice versa.


The group leaves the stage, after this last song. But fans don’t have to wait long, since a final VRC is broadcast, where we discover the group taking “family photos” together. The group goes back on stage for one of the most awaited “encore”, starting by interpreting “The song” by broadcasting on the screen photos retracing their career. The fans take the opportunity to brandish the slogans also received when entering the room.

BTOB sends their last messages on this day, hoping to meet the fans tomorrow at the same place and at the same time. They all claim to have had an incredible evening, which left them full of memorable memories, EUNKWANG having tears in their eyes. CHANGSUB reiterates his wish to be able to meet everyone in the same stadium in ten years, as he had expressed during the press conference held a little earlier before the concert. PENIEL laughs by thanking MELODY for supporting him while the other members were in the army.

The members also thank the fans for following the blue and white dress code for this first day of the concert, tomorrow being military. They are thus eager to see the creativity of the fans to represent the army. BTOB takes some pictures with the public, then it’s time to sing the last song of the day: “Outro: encore“. It seems complicated for the fans, as well as the members, to leave each other, but it is with big smiles that everyone promises to see each other again very soon.

The words of our reporter: “The passion of this group for singing and its fans and comforting to have a good end of the year! See you in ten years!”

Journalist: Anaïs Pillet
Photos: Cube Entertainment

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