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ATEEZ: An interview for the release of its first single

For the release of their first single, « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS », the members of ATEEZ answered some questions.


As the single « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS » and the music video of « HALAZIA » were released today, ATEEZ answered some questions to celebrate this comeback.

Q1. This has been your first comeback in 5 months since « THE WORLD EP.1 : MOVEMENT » was released last July. What do you think of the release of « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS »?

HONGJOONG: Our first single, « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS », is literally a spin-off, so it’s a more expected comeback because it’s a new feeling for us. With this album, we will be able to build special memories as we celebrate the end of 2022 and the start of the new year with our fans.

SEONGHWA: This album is more meaningful because it’s our first Korean single. Especially since I prepared with a different feeling than what I have done so far. I wanted to show it to the fans quickly, and I’m glad I got to do it before the end of the year.

SAN: Every comeback is new, but this time I’m especially excited because it will be an album that will end 2022 with the fans. We prepared hard, so please look forward to it!

Q2. « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS »  is your first Korean single, how would you describe it?

MINGIThis new album is our first Korean single, with a story told from the perspective of an anonymous witness. We are also excited and curious to see the continuation of this story, and I would be happy if you discover it with interest.

YEOSANG : « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS » contains the title track « HALAZIA » and three songs greatly appreciated by fans: : « Win », « I’m the one » and « Take me home » which have been rearranged respectively in « June one of glen check Remix », « Eden-ary Remix » and « IDIOTAPE Remix ». This album, which has five tracks in total, including the latest « Outro : Blue bird », lets you listen to different music from ATEEZ, so please give it lots of love!


Q3. What is your favorite part or point in « HALAZIA » ? 

SEONGHWA: My favorite part is « 빛이 되어주오 할라지아 (Become the light, Halazia) ». When WOOYOUNG, SAN and I recorded this part, I sang it with all my heart. So, it would be pretty good if you listen to « HALAZIA » while interpreting the meaning of the lyrics.

WOOYOUNG: For me, it’s HONGJOONG‘s part : « 춤다운 춤을 추게 해주오 / 꿈다운 꿈을 꾸게 해주고  ( Let me dance a real dance / Let me dream a real dream) »,  and the chorus is so addictive that I immediately think of it once I hear it, so I think it will be fun to listen.

JONGHO: I think the best point of « HALAZIA » is probably its addictive chorus. It’s a familiar melody that keeps ringing in your ears, so I think it will become the favorite part of a lot of people.

Q4. You showed off new charms through various teaser content. What image do you want to show through this album?

HONGJOONG: I want to show you moderate intensity through this album. And it’s all the more significant because it’s our first single. In particular, looking at our teaser photos from a few years ago, I felt like I wanted to show you a more mature ATEEZ member.

WOOYOUNG: The choreography of « HALAZIA »  is intense and contains many points that I really like, so I wanted to show it to the fans as soon as possible. Whenever I practice with the members, I try not to miss and play the performance perfectly like in live. I think this time, I will be able to properly show the results of this practice.


Q5. You explore a wide variety of genres between « TREASURE » series, « FEVER » series and  « THE WORLD » series. What is the direction or identity of ATEEZ according to you?

SEONGHWA : We always say « ATEEZ does ATEEZ ». I think our biggest strength and color is to pursue things that represent ATEEZand be unafraid of new things.

JONGHO: I think ATEEZ hasn’t set limits and is charting its own path. In this album, there is also a remix song called « WIN » where we find « 파도가 막아? 그냥 가르고 나가 / 바람이 때려? 그 바람 타고 날아 (Waves block you? Ride through them / Wind hits you? Fly with the wind) »,I think these lyrics are a good expression of our direction and identity.

Q6. ATEEZ is highly praised, your previous album, « THE WORLD EP.1 : MOVEMENT » entered #3 on the “Billboard 200” chart, and became your first million-seller while winning six music show awards. How did you feel about it?

SAN: It was a happy year because I felt like I received a lot of love throughout the year. I’m grateful the fans always give us big gifts, and I once again felt we should work harder.

YUNHO: Whenever we hear about these unexpected results, I think it’s thanks to ATINYs (fandom name) supporting us, and thanks to the many people working hard together behind the scenes. In the future, ATEEZ will work even harder to become an artist who can always return this kind of love. Thank you.


Q7. In 2022, the second half of the world tour gathered around 330,000 global fans, and now the European tour is about to be launched. What do you think of this success and do you have any anecdotes you want to share on the world tour?

HONGJOONG: I visited many cities during the world tour and met many fans worldwide. I’m really grateful that all the performances have remained as precious memories. During the world tour, I thought: « I have to work hard to meet my fans more often and for longer », I remember then that all the members always seemed confident and proud of the way they tried to take care of their physical condition.

YUNHO: I’m grateful I can meet a lot of ATINYs every time we go on a world tour. And I think we can work harder because they like all of our performances. Traveling to many countries, learning the language little by little and discovering the local culture while eating delicious food are unforgettable memories.

Q8. ATEEZ became a role model for many young artists with « perfect performances and live performances ». What is your driving force?

JONGHO :  I want to show ATEEZ music more vividly to those who came to see our stage. For this, when we all train together, we perform as if we were live. Also, I constantly think about how to sing longer while thinking about the fans who love ATEEZ music. 

MINGI: ATEEZ has a good team spirit, so even in training, we strive not to hurt our style while respecting everyone’s charms. I think the motto which eight people make one (8 makes 1 team) is also one of the strengths of ATEEZ. And I think the other members have the same spirit as me, so we can work hard together.


Q9. What are the goals and projects you want to achieve in 2023?

YEOSANG:  I hope ATEEZ will jump higher, and for that, I and the members practice a lot. Personally, my goal for the new year is to do my best without relying on the present.

WOOYOUNG : I hope in 2023, ATEEZ will be stronger than last year, and all members will be healthy and create good memories. And since ATEEZ is a team that will go on for a very long time, I think 2023 will be a step further and I will do my best on stage as usual.

Q.10 A last word for your fans who always support you.

HONGJOONGATINY! Our first single will be released today. Thank you for your unconditional love in 2022. It’s cold right now, so be careful not to catch a cold, and let’s always run harder in 2023.

SEONGHWA: Hello, ATINY. I was able to create many memories with all of you this year, and I hope to be able to meet many fans more often next year.

YUNHO: Even if you still give us lots of love, we won’t lose our original intention and become an ever stronger ATEEZThank you for everything!

YOESANGI think we can work harder because we know that the love you give us is so precious and is something we are grateful for. Happy New Year and join us in 2023!

SAN: I’m so happy to be able to show you such a beautiful album. I think it will be a favourably good end to 2022 and a positively good start to 2023. I can’t wait to see how you all receive it, so please give it a lot of interest. I love you.

MINGIThanks to the fans, I was able to have a very happy 2022, and in 2023, we will do our best to give you more. Thank you.

WOOYOUNG: I prepared hard with the idea of only wanting to show a good album at the ATINYs. I hope you like it as much as we do. 2023 is the Year of the Black Rabbit, and since five members were born in 1999, the Year of the Rabbit, I hope we will all be happy together.

JONGHO : Thank you ATINY for supporting us anytime and anywhere. Thanks to you, I think we can still run energetically without getting tired. I hope no one gets hurt during this comeback and that we create many happy memories together. So I hope you all have a healthy and warm end of the year.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura
Source: KQ Entertainment

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